BetStar Australia Review

Betstar was founded by father and son bookmakers then in 2007 they sold the business to Ladbrokes in 2014. The huge UK bookmaker already owns and operates and With this backing, you can grab a pre-paid Visa card to withdraw your winnings more or less immediately. You can pick your own odds on selected races and if you think the favourite looks vulnerable you can back the whole field!

Betstar Bonus Bet

New players get up to $100 bonus bets


Betstar review

They might be relatively new but they have certainly come in looking for a piece of the pie in the online gambling scene in Australia. There is a handy promotion when you create your account with a matching bonus up to $250. There is plenty of sports and racing coverage to fill your boots and the promotions are pretty cool too.

betstar review

Betstart trust & financial stability


As we stated above with Ladbrokes the parent company you can feel pretty safe with this lot. Ladbrokes have been around since the late for a long time, in fact, we reckon they bought out the Peaky Blinders back in the day.

Betstar odds


With Ladbrokes controlling their own Australian site and you can guarantee the odds are pretty all in line with each other.

Betstar specials & promotions


This lot are on top of their promotions and we believe that is a point of difference with its sister sites. AFL has special promos that offer better odds if you back a certain player to kick a certain number of goals or disposals. The UEFA currently offers good odds if a player scores and his side wins, then there is the Pick Your Own Odds where you can get a better payout by predicting the the margin your horse will win by. Back that up with Favourite vs. Field where you can get the entire field against the favourite.

Betstar website


Using the same interface as Ladbrokes and Bookmaker but obviously with a different colour scheme it’s pretty easy to navigate your way around to place a bet. You can utilise the QuickBet facility to get that fast and late bet on within three clicks. We like the fact that any promotions that are on offer are displayed next to the odds and on the betting slip.

Added Services

We mentioned the pre-paid Visa card to withdraw while your horse is still cooling down or your team have walked back to the sheds.Live Betting is available on a phone call if that’s the way you gamble.

Betstar mobile


Yes they have a mobile app and yes it works well. Merely a clone of Ladbrokes, that’s about it.

betstar mobile

Betstar Customer Service


With no Live Chat this is all they are going to get.
You can deposit all the normal ways and can also use your Betstar card. What we don’t like is if your account is dormant for 6 months they will charge you a $25 account keeping fee.

The bottom line

In all honesty you’d be better off just joining Ladbrokes as this lot are a clone with a few different pointers and NO customer service. It’s not 1988 anymore.

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